Bulk Discount Pricing

Boost your Bottom Line with Bulk Discount Pricing on Industrial Products

Buying in bulk has many advantages, the most important of which is a better pricing structure.  Distributors who buy and sell in bulk usually have well-negotiated pricing agreements with their suppliers and manufacturers, and this can translate into sizeable cost savings for their customers.  At SIB, we order all our products in bulk and as a result, we are able to secure savings on bulk discount pricing and pass our products on to our customers at significantly reduced costs.  It therefore makes complete sense to purchase your industrial products from us!

At Safomar Industrial Brands (SIB), it is our business to import, store and distribute leading industrial products for many different markets and industries.  Our wide network of distributors covers numerous locations all over Africa and the local South African market.  We are considered the leading importer of premium industrial merchandise and manufactured goods, and we rely heavily on our expert distributors to deliver our products to our customers.  As a result, we strive to always ensure that our distributors are able to provide outstanding service, and we support them with continuous training and development programmes, extensive business support and a wealth of technical expertise.  Our innovative loyalty scheme for distributors has empowered many small operations to flourish and to operate efficiently in a market that is classically seen as saturated and cut-throat.  

After our big international clients noticed a requirement for a service that would see the process through from shipment to delivery, we developed our innovative bulk contract pricing structure, and this allows us to get more involved and build a larger distributor network.  We are also in a position to offer bulk discount pricing to our distributors, which leads to bigger distributor profits in the medium- and long-term.  We also provide freight services, packaging of dangerous goods, and organise clearances for importation of products.

In addition to bulk discount pricing on industrial brands, we also provide other services.  We have revolutionised the management of stock for many different corporates and operations with our innovative solutions for inventory management, and companies are now able to obtain their stock and to properly manage it, with very good results!  Our modern inventory solution provides our clients with a means to save more time and money, and allows them to pay attention to the practical running of the business.

At SIB, we strive to be a continuous source of support for African operators and we are highly committed to the development and support of various operations in the industrial environment.  Supported by our comprehensive network of distributors, we are able to reach many destinations all over the continent, and we can provide industrial products at bulk discount pricing.

If you would like to get involved as a distributor, we have a range of advantages to offer you. Not only will you have access to imported premium industrial brands, good guarantees and great sales opportunities, but we will continuously develop your operation through regular training and development programmes and business support.  

If you want to know more about our products, services and bulk discount pricing, give our friendly team a call today!

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