Aerospace Paint

Find Stockists of Quality Aerospace Paint in Africa

Aerospace paint is designed for use on private, commercial and even military aircraft.The paint or coating used on an aircraft is extremely important, as it is designed to prevent cracking and corrosion, which are seen as structural failures. The paint that is used on an aircraft is the first line of protection and if you want to ensure that the task is carried out correctly, you should hire a professional and certified aerospace paint applicator.

When it comes to painting your aircraft, you want to ensure that the best possible job is done. Let’s face it; the value of your aircraft is partly determined by its appearance, so you therefore need to guarantee a good paint job. Professional aerospace painters will have the right facilities and equipment to carry out a smooth and sleek paint job. The aircraft will need to be prepared for painting and even primer might need to be used in some cases. Only the best quality paint should be acceptable to you. Why? This is because your aircraft will be exposed to the elements. You need a paint that will be durable enough to withstand long-term exposure to the elements without it cracking, fading or peeling.

At SIB, we stock a wide variety of aerospace paint products for you to invest in. We only present top brands to the market, such as Mapaero Aerospace and PPG Aerospace.Regardless of whether you are looking to paint an airbus or a small private plane, we have just the paint product for you. This particular range includes aerospace cleaners, aerospace coatings, aerospace primers and aerospace sealants.

At SIB, we supply our products across Africa through our network of distributors. We guarantee that you will get the utmost best service from our distributors, as we empower them through continued training and support, marketing assistance and provision of technical knowledge. You can make contact with us to place orders and learn more about our products, or you can find everything that you need to know about each of our products via our brands listed on our site.

If you are looking for a supplier of top-quality and durable aerospace paint in Africa, then we have something to show you! Allow us the opportunity to present you with our range of aerospace products, which are all available at affordable rates. To learn more about our paint, primers, sealants and cleaners, contact us at SIB today.

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